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5 Tips On Personalizing Your Mobile Phone
By Adrian Rosensweig
Style statements now encompass mobile phones too! All over the world the functional mobile phone has become an accessory to fashion styles and men, women, and kids find innovative and distinct ways to personalize their mobiles. A mobile is supposed to be as unique and stylish as its user, it is personalized such that it mirrors the character and style choices of its owner.

If you have a mobile that supports MP3 and learn how to transfer data from your desktop to the mobile device then you are your own artist.

Did you know:

1.You can create your own from CD tracks on your computer and then install the individualistic ring tones by using software such as Tone This. You can edit sound tracks or clips to the length and mix you want and then send it to the phone as a downloadable file. Make sure your handset is compatible and can handle the changes and files. Ringtone websites always list phone models that can do the needful.

2.CD tracks can be converted or edited using free audio programs from shareware sites like HitSquad and Audio Utilities.

3.You could make use of open source programs like Audacity which enables audio edits and can be used in Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Just download the optional LAME MP3 encoder.

4. Many mobiles have built-in recorders which can be used to record songs, ring tones from other mobiles, or even something a friend said to you. This recording can then be used as your ring tone. So your ringtone could be anything , from the bark of your pup, to a trains whistle, or a babys laughter or cry.

5. The Billboard magazine lists the top 10 ringtones, weekly. So, get on board and have the latest ringtone tit on your mobile phone.

Ringtones can be transferred to mobile phones by using USB cables, a Bluetooth connection, or email downloads. In a rapidly metamorphosing environment
changes occur quickly and since the interest in personalizing mobile phones is at a peak, designers and techies are constantly innovating and releasing new and more exciting options.

Learn how to personalize your phone from the website of your phone manufacturer. Or, surf the internet for websites that are exclusively dedicated to and feature all the latest in and leading ringtone providers.

Personalizing your mobile could take many hues. You could have a designer cover for your mobile. Or, an exclusive screen saver. The mobile could be accessorized to match your outfit or the popular colors of the season. Dare to dream then you can make all the personalize mobile dreams come true all you need to do is log n to the internet and update you phone to make a style statement.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleJoe.com

Adrian Rosensweig is a retired Cell Phone Agent and a writer for www.1855cellphone.com , the premier website to find free search for cellular phone, cell phone games, cellular phone plan, cell phones, free cell phones, cell phone accessories, free cell phone ring tones, cell phone reviews and many more.

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