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By Andrew
New Orleans can be a romantic wedding destination because of the beauty and excitement of the city. If you decide to get married in New Orleans, make sure you chose a reputable local photographer.

New Orleans can be a fantastic place for a wedding destination because of its rich history, and constant excitement. Annually, thousands of people flock to The Crescent City to view landmarks such as the French Quarter courtyards, museums and the Garden District mansions.

This port city also has several rooftop garden terraces with breathtaking views of the city, which would make wonderful backdrops for pictures. New Orleans also has a rich jazz and music culture, world-famous restaurants and charming hotels. The right combination of all of these elements can make a unique and memorable event.

If you get married in New Orleans, you should hire a photographer with intimate knowledge of the area, as well as someone with knowledge of the rules and guidelines for using the public or historic spaces for taking pictures. When hiring your photographer, make sure she knows New Orleans very well and can capture the beauty of the city and the wedding.

In addition, if you hire a local professional, it will be less costly for you in the long run. If you are traveling long distances, your travel costs can be very expensive. If you decide to bring a photographer from home, you will have to cover some of their costs. If you decide to get married,
it is very important to select a wedding photographer that communicates well with you to have the resulting pictures you want after your big day.

Make sure you hire a photographer that specializes in New Orleans weddings because different venues around the city are unique and specialized events. Tips for discussion:

1) Make sure that your wedding photographer brings two cameras to your ceremony, and any backup equipment that may be needed.

2) Ask he or she to approximate the percentage of their total business is dedicated to weddings.

3) Also, make sure the photographer will be the one in attendance at your wedding. The last thing you want is to make arrangements with someone and on the day of your ceremony, another person arrives instead.

4) Also, make sure she has a professional studio with state of the art equipment.

5) Ask to see several portfolios of past work.

6) Also, ask about their cancellation policy. Do they require an initial deposit or is there a money-back guarantee?

7) Ask if color and black and white is included or if there is more of a fee for either.

8) Ask if they will arrive early to get extra shots before the ceremony or will there be an extra fee. Some may charge an extra fee if the wedding and reception are in more than one location or if you want to take portraits at a third location so make sure you tell your photographer of your intentions beforehand.

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