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Commercial Credit Article:

Simple Tips For People In Debt
By Nicholas Hunt
People in the United States become victims of debt because of monthly expenses that need to be taken care of. There really is a notable number of people in the US that are spending above their budget, which leads them to be in debt to lots of people or companies. As a matter of fact, the US Federal Reserve gives statistics that 40% of families in the US spend more than their monthly budget.

Did you know why people have so many debts in the US? The answer lies in their cards, as well as the unmonitored spending on these plastic items. Experian, a known score provider, even presented data that explains 10% of American card holders have about 10 cards! On the average, an American consumer may have 4 cards in his wallet. This may be because card companies always offer tempting perks and rewards for new applications. Every year, billions of new card offers are sent to American consumers, according to Synovate, a market research firm. Here are some debt help hints you can think about.

First, why don't you plan a monthly budget? If you already have this written down and sorted out, you should attempt to stick with it as best as you can. Know that the biggest expenses may be on your home rent or mortgage,
food, transportation, and other utilities.

Here is another tip: open a savings account that you will actually be saving on. A lot of people put money in a savings account but they spend it almost immediately. The reason why you put this up is that you will be forced to set aside money that will be used in case of emergency. It is also a very smart decision to opt to use cash for transactions instead of cards. Many people may not know it, but their dependency to cards causes them to fall into debt.

If you really want to get rid of your card debts, then you should apply for a debt consolidation loan. In this way, you can erase all you card debts, cancel those cards you will no longer be using, and only owe one amount to your lender. The lender will set a monthly payment scheme for you, with an interest rate that is more welcome than having to deal with the rates of card companies.

Nicholas writes for Debt Nation who offer debt help through management programs, debt consolidation loans and IVAs.

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