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What Is A Credit Card And Do You Really Need It?
By F.J.Yanie
Credit card have been with us for quite sometime and they are considered as one of the most recognized payment systems across all borders and are internationally accepted around the world. card has never been more accessible around the globe than it is today.

Credit cards are one of the most used modes of payment today, maximised all the sales potential, and thus decreasing loss of sales due to lack of payment options. card payments processed by American Express,Mastercard,Visa and Discover are subject to a zero liability policywhich means, a guarantee that you will not be held responsible for any fraudulent charges.

Nowadays, card machine is the tool for accepting cards. It has been known that, cards can really help you build good if you use them wisely. With the increase in usage internationally, Card payments are made to be secured and all your details are highly encrypted. This plastic card lets you charge a meal or pay for a travelling expenses on a card and you pay the bill at later convenient time.

Consumers (Thats us) are the recipients of cards issued by a bank (Any Bank). CARD VERIFICATION VALUE (CVV). CVV is a relatively new and reliable authentication procedure that was established by all major card companies so as to enhance their efforts towards reducing card fraud during any internet transactions.

Credit cards grant the card holder, purchases within their limit. cards do carry interests on the outstanding balance and it may be carried over for a period of several months. Of course you should always remember to pay the debts on all the cards that you possessed in time.

Since card is a payment made at a later
stage, there are tendency that we keep everything (payment) on hold till next month, next month and next month, where, without you knowing, your bills are rising and rising and we called it Credit Card Debt"

Credit card debt initially grows in 2 ways. One is due to addition of a new debt on account of fresh spends on your card and the second is due to the addition of "Low interest" interest charges to the existing card debt. Once your card debt grows too much that you can't handle it, you will then need assistance for all these card debts. We called it Card Debt Consolidation.

The process of card debt consolidation can be referred to as balance transfer process (you transfer the balance or debt from one card to another). When most people think of debt consolidation, they think of those companies with the commercials featuring people in desperate situations, worrying about how they are going to pay their card bills.

Credit card debt consolidation could also be called as a loan. These loan could be a personal loan, a home equity loan, or a loan specifically for card debt consolidation. Many people view debt-consolidation loans as a way of helping them get out of debt, but please do take note that these consolidation loans simply combine debt.

As from Today, the average family owes roughly $7,000 on their cards. (According to Sources).

F.J.Yanie Sulzerino is an internet entrepreneur and a freelance writer. For more information aboutCredit Card,you can check his website about Low APR Card and other Card Information and Resources.

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