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Cash Back Credit Card Article:

Debt Consolidation Personal Loans: One Installment Instead Of Many
By Baidehi Creeper
Debt consolidation personal loans indulge availing single loan to pay off several loans running simultaneously. In this case, the amount of one loan is normally sufficient to clear off all the other simultaneously running loans.

If you have several loans running simultaneously, different loans may have different monthly payment dates, which will keep you under pressure throughout the month. But in case of a debt consolidation loan, you just have to pay one installment once a month for all the loans that you have taken.

A debt consolidation loan simply transforms a number of unsecured loans, into another unsecured or secured loan. However, most commonly, a debt consolidation personal loan is a secured loan, where an asset is provided as collateral. Due to this collateral, personal debt consolidation loans have cheaper interest rates.

A personal debt consolidation should be availed if someone is paying a very high interest against an unsecured loan like a card loan, where exorbitant interest rates are charged. Therefore, to summarize the above, debt consolidation personal loans offer the following advantages:

Reduce monthly payments

Improve record

Reduce the interest you pay

One payment instead of several monthly payments

for debt consolidation personal loans

A lender checks the profile of prospective borrower for various factors such as the current amount of outstanding loans, history, source of income etc. If the borrower has very bad history, lenders consider only secured personal debt consolidation loans only to reduce their risk of lending money to a person who has a record of defaults in payments.


Amount required should be planned well ahead of borrowing.

Credit history report should be kept handy.

Payment of installments should be made in time.

To avail lower interest rates collateral is beneficial.

Source of income should preferably be a permanent one with all documents for proof.

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