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Directv Leaves The Competition Behind
By martha j coleman
DirecTV, a satellite television provider, was launched 13 years ago. As it stands today, they have rose above their original customer count of 320,000 and gained over 16 million customers with the expectation to grow another million by the end of the year. When you see those numbers, you can easily understand why DirecTV has stayed the top satellite provider for many years. This company outranks all Cable Televison operators when customer satisfaction is measured. When you take into consideration these factors as well as the ones mentioned below, one can see how it has been able to achieve top performance in a fierce competitive business.

Enticing New Customers

Providing consumers with the highest quality product(s) and best prices is the best way to overcome competition in any field of business. There are numerous ways DirecTV goes about this. There is no equipment to buy and no start-up costs for new subscribers. You could receive, free from charge, a standard installation of a 4-Room System just by signing up. What this means is you can simultaneously watch four different programs in four different rooms in your home. This option is perfect for families and people who share their living space with others. Just because someone else is watching TV won't mean you will miss your favorite shows anymore. Go to another room and watch; you won't miss a thing or disturb others.

Free Equipment Upgrades

Direct TV offers a free DVR or HD Receiver to new customers With a DVR, you can pause/rewind live TV if you need to watch something again and again When you are done, you may proceed with viewing your show or you may return to real time. With a DVR, you can record shows for playback later, up to 100 hours of them. You can program the DVR to record and store the entire season of a show, sporting events, and even record two shows at once. To maximize the potential of your High Def Television, use an HD Receiver. To watch High Definition television
you need an HD reciever, without it you will miss the trademark picture clarity that sets it apart from standard television.

Cable Television Does Not Have The Upper Hand Anymore

There was a time when Cable had several advantages over Satellite TV because of certain things it could offer that Satellite could not. Those days are over now because providers like Direct TV can offer those same options and more. Local channels are now available on Satellite where they were only once available on Cable. This also applies to High Speed Internet.

Satelite providers now offer this and have an advantage over Cable because they can bring High-Speed Internet access to very rural areas where there is no Cable service. Think of the other satellite capabilities which cable can never equal. One is that your Direct TV dish can be used on your boat or RV, giving you television access wherever you are. No electricity power? No problem! Check your local weather for updates and news on your dish- just as long as you have a generator! Cable uses main power grids and lines to give out a signal so it won't work. Satellite TV only needs an unobstructed view of the sky to receive its signal.

The Word is in on DirecTV Satellite Savings

By looking at the details, its not hard to see why Direct TV has more than 16 million customers, with more and more every day. Visit one of their respectable online retailers to learn more about the deals and offers they have.

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