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Finding Out About Your New Community When You Are Moving To New York
By Eddie Frank
When you are moving to New York, you may be faced with a large dose of the unknown. People who are not native New Yorkers seldom have a good idea of what all the different neighborhoods in NYC and the smaller towns are like. You can do some research ahead of time to make sure you are moving to New York areas where you will enjoy living.

The first thing you should do is to take stock of your family. If you have children, think of their ages and what grades they are in school. Then, get on the internet and find the schools that will be available for your child in areas you are interested in already. Every school district usually has a website with plenty of information for people who are moving to New York on test scores, faculty, and specialty programs.

Go to the city government website for the particular city you are moving to in New York. You will find more information there. You will find out how to get your water or electricity turned on. You will find the hours of the city clerk’s office. A virtual trip to this site will help you as you contemplate moving to New York.

The chamber of commerce website for the city you are moving to in New York may be a bounty of information on businesses in the area. You can find out about shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. You can look for beauty shops and barber shops to use, and garages that might
service your cars. It is only a starting point, but you need that if you are moving to New York.

The chamber of commerce might also send you a packet of brochures if you request them before moving to New York. Their main purpose is to promote business in their city. They will be glad to get you all the information you need to entice you to do business in their town.

Look for community organizations such as YMCAs that might be in the area. If they have an online presence, they might have a schedule of all their activities. Then, you can anticipate all the sports and hobbies you might enjoy as soon as you finish moving to New York.

When you are moving to New York, the moving services will help you to get settled once you have chosen your new location. It is important to do research to find out which neighborhood and city in New York will best suit you and your family. Moving to New York should be a happy experience.

Eddie Frank is an editorial staff member of California New York Express. To learn more about long distance moving companies and long distance movers visit or call 1-888-680-7200.

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