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Forex Trading Signal Article:

The Truth About Forex Trading Signal Services
Forex Trading Signal Services.

There are many signal services for the forex market. Upon joining, many will send you an email or text message if you should buy or sell a certian
currency pair. Some of them you have to monitor your computer as they make take a short term trading approach. Others, may have a longer term trading approach.

Which service you use is up to you. If you are able to be at your computer alot, then you may want to use a signal service that makes short term trades.

If you want to use a signal service that takes longer term trades and that you don't have to be at your computer all the time, you may want to use
Real C's Forex Trading Signal Service. They use a position trader approach. The most you would need to check your computer is at least once a day.

Real C's Forex Trading Signal Service utilizes a trader as well as a computer program that was written by him from scratch. This enables him to catch any trend
on the 15 markets he watches. While there won't always be a trade everyday or every week, when you do get a trading signal, you can be sure it will
be profitable.
The website is located here:

Many have tried signal services with
bad results. This could be because of several reasons. Perhaps the trader doesn't know how to trade that well.
Perhaps they were daytrading and gave you a profitable signal, but by the time you see the signal and place the trade, the trade is over.

With Real C's Forex Trading Signal Service, we place trades based on the daily chart time frame. This means you will only need to check
your computer once a day. I would suggest checking it three times a day, but once will be sufficient. The three times to check would be when
you wake up, before you go to bed, and mid-day during lunch or something. If you aren't able to do this, this is fine as well.

As a position trader and trading the daily charts, you'll have more than enough time to enter a trade after recieving our signal. These trades last for days
to weeks as well, so you do not need to be concerned about missing out.

We offer a 1 month free trial period and after that, the price is $49.95 per month. This is the lowest price you'll see for a profitable
signal service.

This article was written by Douglas Hardy.
To contact him about other forex related services
you can email him at

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