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Forex Trading Hours Article:

An Examination Of The Substantial Advantages Of Automated Forex Trading
An increasing number of people are being attracted by foreign currency trading in preference to the various other forms of investment and it is easy to see why.

The Forex market is the largest trading market in the world with a growing trading volume that has risen from about $500 billion dollars to $2 trillion in the last twenty years. It is also an incredibly liquid market that is not tied to any specific location and operates around the clock around the globe making it effectively a permanently open market. As one market closes another is opening up and you can follow the markets across the globe as you trade and all but ignore the fact that your own home market is closed at the weekend.

As a consequence it is not surprising that foreign currency trading attracts a wide and growing variety of big and small traders each of whom enjoys a very wide choice of trading strategies resulting from the many factors that affect foreign exchange rates. In fact for many novice traders coming into the market it is the many different things that affect foreign currency rates that they find particularly attractive as it allow them to use an enormous range of different tools when working in this extraordinarily exciting market.

Possibly the biggest influence nowadays however on the growth of the market and its popularity can be found in automation which is simpler than ever to achieve and which brings along with it many more advantages than disadvantages.

Automatic foreign currency trading allows trades to be effected in real time anywhere in the world and virtually eliminates the losses that are so often a feature of manual systems that are trying to operate in such a volatile and rapidly moving environment. Anyone who has experienced trading using manual systems will know only too well
the aggravation resulting from a series of trading losses caused by nothing more than a simple time delay when buying or selling.

Automated trading also permits you to operate in several different currency markets at the same time without any regard for the time zones of the markets concerned. If you are in the US at 2 o'clock in the morning then automatic trading allows you to work with traders on the other side of the globe in several different countries at the same time without any difficulty.

One problem for many traders is the management of risk and this is also reduced as we move into automatic trading. Manual trading systems often leave traders anxious about whether or not payment will be forthcoming following the conclusion of a trade but because payments can now be matched in real time this is a lot less likely. Indeed, as the automated trading system continues to develop settlement systems will also be updated and such risks are likely to be almost eliminated before too much longer.

Computer technology has advanced considerably over the past few years and is going to continue to do so in the years ahead. More importantly, access to this technology simply and cheaply from our own homes, or nowadays even while we are traveling, means that we are now all able to manage our investments with ease. For people working in the world of currency trading automated Forex day trading will undountedly be a very welcome addition to an already wonderful investment vehicle. provides advice on everything from automated Forex day trading to using a foreign currency calculator

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