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Forex Market Article:

Two Great Advantages Of Forex Trading
By Adrian Pablo, Thu Dec 8th

There are a number of advantages Forex traders find once theystart trading for real the Forex markets. On of the mainadvantages when deciding to trade for a living is that there isno need to have a license or certification. Everything you needto know is basically how to sell high and buy low. That's allyou need, and of course a solid understanding of how the marketsbehave and the kind of indicators that can help you in yourdaily battle with the forex market.

But this is not the only advantage you get when trading Forex,compared to other ways of investment and speculation (Stocks andCommodities). You have a whole bunch of advantages over theseother options; two of them are these:

1): The FOREX market is the largest financial market in theworld.

It is known that this market has an approximate daily tradingvolume of over $1.5 trillion, the spot Forex market can,amazingly, absorb trading sizes that dwarf the capacity of anyother market. In fact, when compared with the approximate $50billion

daily market for equities or the $30 billion futuresmarket, it becomes crystal clear that this market gives you, andmillions of other FOREX traders around the world an almostinfinite trading liquidity and flexibility.

2): FOREX is a TRUE 24-hour currency market.

The FOREX Markets never sleep and never stop having transactionsbeing performed every hour, every minute. Trading positions canbe entered and exited at any moment, around the world, aroundthe clock, six days a week. There is no waiting for an openingbell as in the case of trading stocks in Wall Street. It is a24-hour, continuous electronic currency exchange that nevercloses (all this thanks to the internet). This characteristic ofthe FX market should make it very desirable for you if you wantto trade on a part-time basis, because you can choose when youwant to trade: morning, noon or night. More information aboutthis can be found in other of my articles.

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