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Forex Market Maker Article:

How To Trade E-currency
By Timothy Rohrer, Sat Dec 10th

Copyright 2005 Timothy Rohrer

When referring to e-currency, most people immediately think ofthe FOREX market. The truth is there is a new form of currencytrading that is sweeping across the internet and making millionsof people wealthy. What is this new wave of e-currency tradingthat's hitting the internet you might ask? It's called thee-currency exchange program. Electronic currencies such asINTgold, Netpay and E-gold are traded daily.

Let's talk about how the e-currency exchange network can putmoney into your pocket. There are two ways to make money. Thefirst way is with a portfolio and the second is with a console.Upon opening an e-currency account, the user will be asked tocreate a portfolio and fund their portfolio. This investment canbe anywhere from $25 to $100,000. I would recommend a smallamount until you become familiar with e-currency trading. Theportfolio is compounded daily and receives gains anywhere from.3% to .5% each day. For example, if you funded your portfoliowith a $10,000 investment, each day your portfolio would net $30of profit. Over the course of one month a $10,000 portfoliowould make $900. With these profits you can either reinvest intoyour portfolio to maximize your profits, or out-exchange themoney to your bank account.

The second way to make money is through what is known as aconsole. Having a console is like having a separate account inaddition to your portfolio. With this

account you can nowprocess transactions from one e-currency to another for othertraders. Not everyone is able to own a console. In order to havea console you must be in the system for 90 days and have aportfolio value of at least $5,000. It may seem like a lot, buteven if you started out with only a few hundred dollars as yourinitial investment, this level can be easily obtained in just afew short months. In order to process transactions, electroniccurrencies temporarily borrow funds from your console account.In return, the console holders will receive a 6% fee as profitfor each transaction they process. For example if Netpay neededto process a $2,000 out-exchange and you temporarily made yourfunds available for the transaction to take place, you wouldreceive $2,120. That is $120 of profit back into your account!People need transactions processed daily from one e-currency toanother and the market just keeps growing.

There are many helpful online courses available on e-currencytrading. I tried to learn e-currency trading on my own throughforums, chat rooms and by reading articles on the subjectmatter, but was unsuccessful. This method is extremely slow andtime consuming. It took me 2 months before I finally gave in andpurchased an online course. After purchasing an online course, Ihave managed to quadruple my initial investment in a relativelyshort amount of time.

About the author:Tim Rohrer is an established writer and e-currency trader. Learnhow Tim Rohrer turned a $400 investment into $,4100 in just 3months.

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