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Learn To Trade The Forex Article:

Forex Trading Strategies
By Lesley Lyon

This article discusses a few key strategies followed by successful traders to maximize returns from trading and cut losses to a greater extent.

trading has a big appeal among the people due to the possibility of creating instant wealth.  If trading is equipped with a good strategy, preferably a unique one will be of great help in achieving success.  trading strategies reduce the risk irrespective of the persons participation in position trading, or day trading, or swing trading provided they are disciplined enough to stick to the strategy adopted.  The best trading strategies are adopted by traders who are blessed with keen market sense and also who are able to privy to get inside information. On the basis of that information they develop investment strategies.  The trading strategies which are devised after observing the market for quite sometime gain profits by rising above the odds.  The traders who are best in their profession do not enter a trade without devising an exit strategy.  They are the people who know very well when to minimize their losses and when to maximize their profits.  They are very disciplined in doing both.  

<b>Leverage strategy: </b>Forex trading strategies help achieve success in trading or online currency trading.  trading differs from trading stocks and the use of trading strategies help the person to gain more profits in a very short period.  There are many trading strategies adopted by the investors, the most useful among these strategies is called as the leverage.  This trading strategy allows the online traders to get more funds than the deposited amount; by adopting this strategy the benefits are maximized.  This strategy helps in utilizing
the amount deposited in the account even up to 100 times against any trading by backing high yield transactions very easily and better results are got. This leverage trading strategy is used by the traders on a regular basis to take advantage of fluctuations happening in the market in short term.

<b>Stop loss order strategy: </b>Stop loss order trading strategy is also used commonly among traders.  This strategy protects the investors and creates a situation called the predetermined point, not allowing the investor to trade when it is reached.  This trading strategy minimizes the losses.  Sometimes this strategy might backfire and make the investor to run the risk of stopping their trading leading to a higher loss, hence it is up to the trader to use or not to use this trading strategy.

<b>Automatic entry order strategy: </b>An automatic entry order trading strategy is also one of the widely used strategies. This strategy allows the investors to participate in the trading activity when the price is suitable for them.  Here the price is already determined and when the situation is reached the investor enters into the trading automatically.

Apart from the above strategies, there are certain basic rules to be followed as strategies to gain profits in trading:

The amount exposed in the foreign currency trading should always be kept in track to ensure to be within the accepted levels. While trading, the trader should not be very greedy or breach when keeping the returns in mind which is expected out of the transactions. The main objective should be kept in mind; it might be either capital appreciation or constant returns or high profits.  Keeping track of ones own experience will reward at a later stage.  

Investment should be within the affordability to lose. Also relying on experts opinions, history prices, and analytical statements may be effective some time rather than going by their own instincts.

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