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Forex Futures Article:

Forex Trading Platform
By Han Ming
Choosing FOREX trading platform that is suitable for you is not easy because there are so many choices. You need to look for a few things before choosing a trading platform.

You must choose large trading platform instead of the small ones. Many of the larger online trading platforms offer information and training materials that will enormously helpful for you. And usually they give all these information and knowledge for free. Most trading platforms are either in Windows or Java format; some dealers even offer both versions.

There are many important elements you need to consider when choosing for a great FOREX trading platform. Choose trading platform online that enables users to start immediately. If possible, there will be no software download required and you can perform the trading immediately without any obligation to a certain configuration or computer. Choose a trading platform offers you the possibility to Freeze
the Buy or the Sell rate that you see for a few seconds, irrespective of rate movements. That means that the rate you see and freeze is the rate you get (if indeed you decide to make the deal). During those "FREEZE" seconds, the market could change, however - you are guaranteed to use the rate you have frozen, in case you wish to materialize it into a deal. Please note that guaranteeing the rate per such feature is available during regular market activity only. Under unusual conditions, this feature will not be guaranteed.

Always make sure you choose a good trading platform. Some platform has a lot of hidden costs and will charge you a high spread when you buy a pair. So, youll lose money before you even get started. Also, some platform has soft wares and features that are very hard to understand. Youll take lots of time to learn about these soft wares and features. These will usually take you days, or worst weeks to all these. Choose trading platform wisely before you start trading or youll lose your money and time.

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