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How To Maximize Profits With Paid Autosurf Programs
By Andrew Daigle, Mon Jan 2nd

Copyright 2005 East Tech LLC

If you haven't heard about Paid Autosurf programs yet, you'reabout to hear of a great way to earn extra money using yourcomputer and a web browser. If you have heard about them andthought these programs can't be real, then you're in for an eyeopener as well.

Paid Autosurf programs are offered by advertising companies thatpay you to surf their members websites and get paid for doingso. These companies have advertisers that purchase advertisingpackages that allow their websites and promotions to be shown tomembers who surf their exchange. Their hope is that as you surf,you will be interested in their offers and make a purchase or atleast capture that all so coveted e-mail address of yours sothey can try to up-sell you later.

The Paid Autosurfs are quite simple. They accept both free andpaid members for their service. Free members are able togenerate free credits to have their websites shown to othermembers to help increase their sales. Paid memberships also gettheir advertisements shown to members but they also earn moneyfor each day they surf in the exchange. Paid members get paidfor the days they surf. If they don't surf, they don't get paid.

Paid members are charged membership fees for Upgrades theypurchase and earn a certain percentage daily for the days theysurf. When these Upgrades expire, members get paid. Upgradedurations vary between programs. Some may have 4 day Upgradesessions where others may have 365 day (1 year) Upgradepackages. The percentages paid can range anywhere from 1% to 12%each day and more.

If you understand the rules of these Paid Autosurf exchanges,the members do not gross the high percentage gains advertised,since initial membership fees are not returned. For example, ifa Paid Autosurf program were to pay you 12% each day, afterdeducting the initial membership fee from your 12% earnings,your net profit would be approximately 3.66% per day. This isstill a fantastic gain on your money, but it's a far cry from12%. Isn't marketing a wonderful thing?

So many people wonder how these Paid Autosurf companies canafford to pay their members such high daily gains. There aremany ways these companies make money, from paid advertisers, toForex (foreign exchange) trading to playing the odds. The factsare that many people who join these

programs don't understandhow to use them. Many of these people lose money. As I mentionedbefore, the membership fees you pay to earn your daily gains onare not returned. You earn money from your membership feeamount. So if you invested $30 and never surfed a website, thenguess what? You're out $30. If you only surfed half of the days,you lost money. If you don't have the time to commit to theseprograms, don't join them. You need to have daily access to acomputer with a web browser to earn money with these programs.If you don't, then these programs are not for you.

Programs like these are always accused of being some type ofscam, or money laundering, funding terrorism or whatever else.If people would just learn more instead of crying scam ateverything, they would understand how these can be veryprofitable businesses for the companies running the PaidAutosurf and for their members.

You do need to be careful however, since there are so many wellrespected Paid Autosurf programs around today, there are manymore that aren't. Most are pure pyramid or Ponzi schemes setupto look like Paid Autosurf programs and their main objective isto close up shop one day and take your hard earned money withthem, and do it all over again. You need to be careful and youneed to do your homework. Don't be fooled by promises made onsome flashy website. Search online and do some research. Badprograms will soon have lots of bad press about them. If youfind many people complaining about the same program, don't join.Also beware of brand new programs as they pop up on the internetevery day. If a program is very new, they may not have beenaround long enough to earn a reputation; good or bad. If that'sthe case, then my suggestion is to stay away.

There aren't many programs available today to help folks earnextra money without taking high risks. If you diversify over afew of these programs and limit your investments to very smallamounts at first, you can quickly get back your initialinvestments and start earning more money with your gains. Youwill quickly be earning more money with no financial risk andyou will be on your way to generating a substantial extra incomefor yourself.

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