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foreign exchange news Article:

Online Currency Trading
CBFX is a subsidiary of IFX markets Inc., a futures commission merchant, offering a range of innovative leveraged financial products, including online currency trading.

CBFX shares all the information needed for ForEx (Foreign Exchange) Trading, with a platform providing free charting, hedging, entry, streaming news, limit, traditional and trailing stop order capabilities.

Currencies from the Euro, to the Canadian Dollar, the British Pound to the Japanese Yen, are available as CBFXs ForEx is global. In fact, the platform is available in 14 languages
and accounts can be funded in 10 different currencies.

For experienced investors and novices alike, the CBFX online currency trading platform simplifies the trading experience, and even offers a free 30 day trial, which allows people to learn the system using virtual dollars before commencing actual trading. Support is always available by either phone or email to make the experience as smooth as possible.

If ForEx online currency trading is your game, then CBFX is the playing field for you!

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