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Car Insurance - Brits And Their Cars
By D Collins
It’s no secret that we are a nation of car lovers. We spend time making sure they’re clean, polished and looking shiny in the summer sun (or summer rain in our case)

And we also spend money on our vehicles, from modification – both to the interior and exterior – engine tuning and even new paintwork.

Whilst such features could mean paying more on car insurance, that still doesn’t stop enthusiasts gathering in their hundreds at events that allow them the chance to show off their vehicles and meet with others who share their interest.

And now, according to a recent survey, Britons’ love affair with cars is still as strong as ever – despite the presence of higher fuel prices, increasing levels of congestion and the rising cost of car insurance.

But the survey also threw up some interesting statistics about our dependency on cars; with over a fifth of drivers admitting to using their vehicles to make trips of less than 500 metres, with 21% of those asked saying they’d use their cars for very short trips.

36% of those surveyed citied dog mess as one of the reasons for choosing not to walk in their local area. But the survey, commissioned to coincide with the launch of a TV show, also showed that there are many who choose to walk rather than drive, with around 22% of those asked saying they
walked an average of 500 miles a year.

It’s always best to try and try and approximate how many miles you are likely to do in a year when searching for a car insurance quote. And with a wide range of walks and cycle paths around the country, sometimes it can be beneficial for health and pocket to leave the car and venture out on foot.

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