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Insurance Fraud - Fake Insurance Claims
By TheWicker
Insurance industries report a possible 3% to 10% of all insurance claims are frauds. There also are many reports of exaggeration, for instance if a thief has stolen a TV from someone, he will usually hide his computer and radio and add it too the report. The second ones usually are average people looking for a quick buck or have gone the bad road because of their current financial problems, such as bankruptcy or business failure. On the other hand we have usual criminal offenders and organized crime. Members are already having a police record and looking to benefit from insurance frauds on a regular basis. The money stolen by these fraudsters is the money from other people who are insured and those paying premium prices for extra security.

Fake Or Bogus Insurances

You are starting up a small business. As usual you have a low budget on start, but if you want to operate you have to get some insurances for your business or at least health care insurance for yourself and the employees. You ask around, look in newspapers, all across the internet to find a perfect deal. All of a sudden you find a special deal at a very low rate. You call the agent and sign the papers, happy you found this agent. Two months later one of your employees gets sick and you send him to your local hospital, but somehow he is denied to receive basic health care. You figure out you have signed a false insurance and gave the money to a thief.

Fake Paper Claims

This is pretty simple. The con artist is trying to fool the insurance by making them believe an event that in reality never happened but
only exists on the paper.

Insured Documents Scam

Lets look at an example of fake insurance claims for travels. Even though nowadays travelling package at airports is highly automatized and computerized, there still are many reports on packages getting lost. Lugging baggage at airports is usually insured for a cost much less than the one paid if the package gets lost. Organized criminals therefor can and "loose" these to get money from an insurance company. More often at jobs like this there will be an insider person cooperating with the person who is about to "lose" their package. Same goes for insured papers and documents. During their transportation they somehow get lost during the way.

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