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Getting An Individual Health Insurance Quote - Uk Style
By Duncan Roberts
Health insurance in the UK.

Bit of a weird thing or not?

I mean, there is the NHS you know, a full set of doctors, nurses, hospitals and treatments that you are already paying for through your income tax and National Insurance deductions every month.

Okay yes, it's creaking at the seams just a little bit, the hospitals are generally not that clean and you run the risk of actually leaving hospital with more and better illnesses or diseases that you went in with - but that's all part of the fun, come on!

Oh - it isn't fun? You want to go somewhere where you are not going to be infected with something new and where you aren't kept awake all night long by the guy or girl on the next bed who doesn't get out much and is determined to enjoy their stay in hospital by talking to as many people as possible? Sadly, you were low down on his list and he can only fit you in between 12:30 and 4:30 at night!

Ah - okay then - so you'll want some individual health cover then?

Well, grab yourself a quote because you are spoilt for choice. Individual cover or private health cover as it's also known is just a click away.

Originally called BUPA in the UK (because they were the first company to offer and heavily market private medical insurance) individual policies have shot up in both what's covered and how much it costs.

Our premiums are considerably cheaper too because over here, the NHS can bear the brunt of the costs and provisions, leaving the private sector to pick and choose!

So - go online, click away as you search and grab your individual health insurance quote, UK style. Try Google for searching and just enter something like "private health insurance" as your search term.

You could also go to a money comparison site such as Money Supermarket and get them to provide you comparison quotes to look through.

But - a word of warning if I may?

Do be very, very careful what you enter onto the form as you answer their questions for a quote. Do not leave anything out and make sure you disclose all known issues past and present in full detail.

If you give false information
- and giving means also 'forgetting to tell' - then the health insurance company are more than entitled to refuse to pay your claim and leave you dangling.

So make sure you know all your facts - as well as your families and their medical history - because you don't want to actually have to have expensive treatment that is withheld from you and you're referred back to the NHS - and all because you 'forgot' to mention that you'd ad this problem before.

When an insurance company take you on - they speak to your doctor and get confirmation of illnesses previously diagnosed as well as details of any previously noted issues. They do this based on what you have told them and the doctor is bound by law to assist and fully disclose all issues. You actually have to sign a permission slip for your future insurer so that they can talk to your doctor.

Why do I mention this - because a huge amount of people are still not disclosing everything - or just plain lying - when they complete their forms and it makes no sense at all.

Don't do it - the only one who pays eventually - is YOU!

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