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insurance is the most important market in the world because it decides just how much money you have to spend for the neccesities of your life.  Every day economic, social and political factors effect the exchange rates that are used to establish the currency values of various countries.   Fluctuations in these rates effect you because they determine the amount of goods the money in your pocket can buy.  The higher the value of the dollar the more food, clothing and shelter it will buy.  If the market goes against the dollar, then it weakens on the Forex market.  When this occurs the dollar's value drops and it will not be able to purchase the same amount of goods.  This drop in value will be seen by the average american as a rise in the costs of commodities such as milk, bread, clothes, jewlery, heating oil and gas.

The connection between the rising cost of living and the factors that cause the cost increase are usually not known by the average American.  Access to and knowledge about the Forex market has been reserved for the very wealthly until recent years.  The rise of the Internet and advances in technology have made it possible for individuals to begin trading on the Forex market and as a result  the amount of daily trading in this international market has exploded to about 2.5 trillion dollars a day! The sheer size of this market and the impact that it has on everyone's daily life means that you can no longer afford to ignore the Forex trading market.  You must begin to develop atleast a general understanding of what the Forex is, the factors that control its market conditions and how fluctuations in Forex currency trading effects your life.

The purpose of this website is to provide organized, relevant and easy to understand information about the Forex trading market.  It is our desire to  help educate people about the Forex on basic, intermediate and advanced levels in various aspects of the Forex market.  We invite you to read our articles that we have organized around distinct subject topics.  As you progress through each topic, we expect you to become more familiar with the terms and concepts behing the trading of currency pairs  until you slowly  begin to develop a clear picture in your mind  about how the Forex operates, the factors that  rule currency trading and what this important market means to you and your family.  For those who are completely new and just do not know where to begin, we suggest that you start with the following article that introduces you to Forex Trading.

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